General Terms and Conditions Customers

These 'General Terms and Conditions Customers' apply to the relationship between Yummy India Larnaca and the Customers. We refer restaurants to the 'General Terms and Conditions Restaurants'.


By signing up to our website and purchasing products from our website Yummy India Larnaca Yummy India Larnaca

  • 1. Signing up to the service means we must have the following information stored in our database
    • · Your address, including the postcode, of the billing address associated with the payment card.
    • · Your home telephone number or mobile telephone number
    • · Your email address, so we can supply you with important information such as your order confirmation and delivery details
  • 2. The price of goods charged will be as quoted on the web site at the time you confirm your order with us. Excluding any inadvertent technical error on pricing, we will honour any prices as published at the time of placing your order. Your credit card shall only be charged for items dispatched to you.
  • 3. Due to differing product promotions the prices displayed on the website may vary to prices in our retail stores and independent outlets selling our meals.
  • 4. will agree a delivery date and time with you and will telephone or email you to confirm delivery arrangements.
  • 5. restaurant will agree a delivery date and time with you and will telephone or email you to confirm delivery arrangements. Incase of any changes you will be inimated
  • 6. Incase your ordered meal is not delivered or wrong meal is delivered, you are eligible for refund of your money. You need to inform restaurant on the same day about the discrepancy
  • 7. We reserve the right to restrict deliveries in certain areas and this includes the right to withdraw the service altogether, depending on the demand on our kitchen.
  • 8. Orders worth less than 100 euros can be cancelled up until the moment that they are dispatched.
  • 9. Higher amount orders >100 Euros needs to be cancelled within 5 min after their placement
  • 10. Restaurant reserves the right to change conditions.

Our refund policy As we sell perishable goods, we ask that you - the customer - inspect the food once you have opened the box. Refunds are made against products that are damaged in transit or for missing goods and not for matters of taste or a change of mind. If you are unsatisfied with any of the items in your order or any part of the delivery service from our restaurant please contact us - either by emailing us via the Contact Us page of the website E-mail: If we have sent you an incorrect item, please notify us as soon as possible. If you would like us to replace the incorrect item with the item that you ordered, we will deliver the correct one as soon as possible. Obviously we shall not charge you for incorrect item.